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MacroStiff Gooey XB® - THE Computer Operating System and Graphic User Interface of the discerning PC user. XB is for Xtra Bad - and in this case, "Bad" is "Good." Yes, we could have called it XG instead, but there's hardly anything hip or trendy about THAT.

MacroStiff Workspace XB®
Sweet is a full range of sweet business and home solutions for all that writing and figuring and presenting that you used to do on your fingers or on the typewriter. Remember those? Wow. Ha ha, those were the days.

MacroStiff Write-Off XB® lets you type up all the Boss's memos. Did you forget to spell-check? Oh, that's right. That comes in the Write-Off XB UPGRADE for an additional $99.95.

MacroStiff Spread-Em XB® lets you write those spreadsheets that are otherwise incomprehensible without the Rosetta Stone and a hit of acid.
MacroStiff Canned Meat XB® is THE portal for the best email and offers from all those folks on the Internet who only want to honestly sell you prescription drugs. And young Asian girls. We don't give them your email address, honest!
MacroStiff BulletPoints XB® is the cheap and easy way to let Salesmen create their own dumbed-down reports so they don't have to do any REAL work! We LOVE those guys!
MacroStiff TrashCode XB® rewrites your HTML code the way WE want it to read. We hire big-time programmers to create our programs - how DARE you think you can write better code than they can? I mean - REALLY!